The Truth Testo

Testo The Truth

You must be safe when you fall in love
Equally, a time when you and I share together
Comprimise, try and see eye to eye
Cause love's not blind, it knows when you care

Always kiss your lady, tell her that you love her
Pray and make a baby, that was made to love
Show her she's important, bring flowers for her
And build on the truth, build on the truth


If you take a little walk with me
Girl I'll lead to the truth
And If you never give up on me
Girl I'll share it all with you
Show directions when I've lost my way
I'll be around to stay
To show you the truth, to show you the truth

If you trust me, I'll make sure to build you up
Through all your dreams, you and I will grow together
Forget your past, the love you had that never would last
God knew your heart, and I was made for you

Gurl I won't mistreat you, always make love to you
Go to church together, even get baptized too. We can read the Bible, play moms and father
This marriage is


This love is the truth (repeat til fade)
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