Symptoms Of Our Trading System Testo

Testo Symptoms Of Our Trading System

I took a tour right on the streets
And then this kid approaches me
He had a gun held at my back
I couldn't say I had a Chance

I felt a ghost was passing by
And guess what fucks, it was my past
I saw It all before I died
All my mistakes were showed at hand!

Instead of youth, we search for more
Blood, sex and dope, just to ignore
The darkest days and deepest nights
Are passing by, just say good bye
Forgive me now, I'm so sorry
The bullshit I, have put you trough
I didn't meant, to cause you harm
It was my fault that we just died

There's people out, who just don't care
This is just real, yer system fails
And it's my fault, it is your fault
I feel like shit, cuz I'm ashamed

I never meant
To be fair
Life's not fair
It's your fault

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