Heresy Testo

Testo Heresy

What is your purpose
Who is your god
Who owns your mind
What path do you follow
For whom do you speak
Which mask do you wear
Who draws your line
What is your weakness
Where lies your love
What are your dreams
Where are your standards
What keeps you going
How large is your prison
What breeds your hate
Where do you hide
Where are your strengths
What are your nightmares
When do you cry
How high are your walls
What is your weapon
How far can you see
What is your truth
Where are your values
What brings you joy
For whom do you bleed
Which way do you turn
Who carries your burden
How large is your prison
How deep in your search
How is your slave
How bright is your flame
Where is your future
What do you offer
What are you barriers
Who owns your mind
What is your shield
What do you steal
What is your justice
Who is your martyr
Where is your corner
What is your liberty
What is your peace
What is your purpose
Where lies your faith
Why was your past
Who do you oppress
Why do you care
What is your bondage
What do you use
Who high are your walls
Where is your reason
Where is your enemy
Who much can you take
What is your wisdom
What breeds your hate
For whom did you suffer
What is your scapegoat
What do you argue
Why is your fear
What is your cause
What is your answer
How long have you got
That is the time........
It's time for change
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