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Testo Opium

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You are a rollercoaster
You make the ladies weak
You are a rocketship
Come from another galaxy
Yeah, you are pure desire
Like a candy bar at a fat camp
If I cannot have you now
I will wither like a weed

You are a glass of fine wine
With a four star dish
You are a little detour
Make me shake like a jellyfish
You could do my laundry
Won't you make me cum
You are like opium

You look like a centaur
Riding on that bike
Rock star, with your guitar
Play me the soundtrack to my life
And tell me a story, I don't care if it is true
I only wanna see your lips move

If I were a country
I'd let you explore me
You could draw a map
Then show me all my peaks
If I were a car I would let you repair me
And jump start my battery
You have the sweetest eyes I've ever seen
I would offer you a permanent position in my dreams
And it's not that I'm easily swept off my feet
But you are like ecstacy

You are a roller coaster
You make the ladies weak
You are a rocketship
Come from another galaxy
You are a hurricane
Walking down that lane
Oh, you make a woman blush, boy
When you look at her that way
Cause you are like opium
Yeah, you are like opium
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