Hummingbird Testo

Testo Hummingbird

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Such a tiny spark,
Little tiny spark,
But a spark it could catch and could grow and could burn this whole place,
To the ground.

Such a little voice,
Little tiny voice,
Still its easy to hear how it someday could fill a whole world,
With sound.

But you hardly breath,
Cause you move so fast,
Never looking back,
Never looking back.

Oh do you know where your going,
Do you know where your head is?
Where your sweet crooked smile is taking you,

Oh she won't be denied,
She wont be denied.
Oh she won't be denied,
She wont be denied.

There's a world out there,
And its unaware,
Of the world that is coming,
But soon you will have this whole place,
In a spin.
See its in her eyes, in those worldly eyes,
Shes a wonder of nature, a wonderful creature,
So sly tonight is she.

Oooh do you know where your going,
On this journey your making,
Watch your too tiny face are fighting for.

Like a little hummingbird,
Hovering innocently,
Flying in though my window,
Taking over.

(Taking over)

Ah she won't be denied,
She won't be denied,
Ah She won't be denied,
She will not be denied.

Ah do you know where your going?
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