Half Light Ii (No Celebration) Testo

Testo Half Light Ii (No Celebration)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Now that San Francisco's gone,
I guess I'll just pack it in.
Wanna wash away my sins,
In the presence of my friends.

You and I we head back East,
To find a town where we can live.
Even in the half light,
We can see that something's gotta give.

When we watched the markets crash,
The promises we made were torn
Then my parents sent for me,
From out West where I was born.

Some people say, they've already lost,
But they're afraid to pay the cost for what we've lost.
Pay the cost for what we've lost

Now that you have left me here,
I will never raise my voice.
All the diamonds you have here,
In this moment which has no life.

Oh, this city's changed so much
Since I was a little child.
Pray to god I won't live to see
The death of everything that's wild.

Though we knew this day would come,
Still it took us by surprise.
In this town where I was born,
I now see through a dead man's eyes.

One day they will see it's long gone.
One day they will see it's long gone.
One day they will see it's long gone.
One day they will see it's long gone.
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