Canto II (The Arrival) Testo

Testo Canto II (The Arrival)

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I stood and watched,
but I could not believe,
I was new to this beauty...
why had I been before?
The metallic glowing blue,
provoked memories long dormant
and the deep red clouds flowed
with the elegance of a queen.
I was so far, yet the ambiance
was so strong and I could feel my soul trying......
Trying to break free from
this restricting mortal vest.
Soon my spirit flies through the night
like sand flowing through my fingers.
Here I sense real peace,
sinking into the clouds,
I can forget the old world and despair no more.
Sunrise brought a new day and
I was drenched in my sun,
it's warmth rejuvenated my once withered soul.
Here I sense real peace,
is this my paradise.
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