Border Song (holy Moses) Testo

Testo Border Song (holy Moses)

Border Song (Holy Moses)Holy Moses, I have been removed,I have seen the spectre, he was been here too,Distant cousin from down the lineBrand of people who ain't my kindHoly Moses, I have been removedHoly Moses, I have been deceived,Now the wind has changed direction and I'll have to leaveWon't you please excuse my frankness but it's not my cup of teaHoly Moses, I have been deceivedI'm going back to the borderWhere my affairs, my affairs ain't abusedI can't take any more bad waterI've been poisoned from my head down to my shoesHoly Moses, I have been deceived.Holy Moses, let us live in peaceLet us strive to find a way to make all hatred ceaseThere's a man over there,What's his colour I don't careHe's ny brother let us live in peaceHe's ny brother let us live in peaceHe's ny brother let us live in peace

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