Dr Feelgood Testo

Testo Dr Feelgood

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I don't want no body
Always sitting around me and my man.
I don't want no body
Always sitting right there
Looking at me and that man
Be it my mother, my brother, or my sister
Would you believe? I'll get up, put on some clothes,
Go out and help them find somebody for themselves
If I can. Yes I will.

Now I don't mind company
Because company's alright with me every once and a while
Yes it is.
I tell you I don't mind company
Because company's alright with me every once in a while, yeah.
But oh, when me and that man get to loving
I tell you girls I dig you, but I just don't have time
To sit and chit and sit and chit chat and smile.

Don't send me no doctor
Filling me up with all of those pills
I got me a man named 'Dr. Feelgood'
And oh, yeah that man takes care of all my pains and my ills.
His name is Dr. Feelgood in the morning.
Taking care of business is really this man's game.
And after one visit to Dr. Feelgood
You'd understand why Feelgood is his name
Oh yeah, oh good God Almighty the man sure makes me feel real


Clear out everybody - two's company, three's a crowd, if you know what I'm saying!
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