If You Need My Love Tonight Testo

Testo If You Need My Love Tonight

Inside my mind the hands of time rewind to when you´re love was mine so magically. We shared a song and even though it´s gone I can still recall the melody. Don´t be scared if you lie awake in the dark cause i still truly care with all my heart. If you need my love tonight all you have to do is call me and I´m always here when you need a friend. if you need my love tonight I promise to keep you from falling and I´ll stay with you if you need my love tonight. So soft and pure, youre love was the cure whenever i felt lost and so alone. Now it´s my turn to give you what you yearn. Return the love you´ve always show´n. And what a joy if I could see you once again. I will treat you so right you´re my body and soul. Chorus

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