Oh Me Oh My Testo

Testo Oh Me Oh My

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
To make you laugh, I would be a fool for you
Although the people turn and stare
I really don?t care
I would give my everything to keep you, boy
It breaks my heart when you?ve not there

I?ll stage a ballet on a tabletop
Command performance finger size
And although I ain?t got no tune
My show ain?t gonna fly
I?ll find the music there in your eyes

Oh me, oh my, I?m a fool for you baby (baby now)
(Fool for you) Oh me oh my (I)
I am crazy (crazy baby)
Oh me, oh my (me oh my)
Yeah I?m a fool for ya baby
C?mon let your love light shine on me
(Shine on me)

We?ll blow a genie from a cigarette
And then we?ll take a magic carpet ride
Yes we will
And we?ll tell our smokey friend, hey don?t you forget
Because you?ve got to keep us side by side, yeah

Oh me, oh my (oh me, oh my)
I am a fool for ya baby (be your)
(Your fool for ya)
Oh me, oh my, (I)
You know that I am (crazy) crazy baby
(Crazy baby) yes you do (crazy baby)
Oh me, oh my (oh me, oh my)
Whoa-oh I?m a fool (fool) for ya baby
(Need your)
Come on let your love light shine on me
(Shine on me)
Would you do that? (on me)
Come on let your love light shine
Just alittle bit (shine) right on me

Oh lover let your love light
Shine on me (shine on me)
Oh hear me now!
Oh me, me oh my
I?m a fool oh! for ya baby (now)

Oh me oh my (I)
You know that I?m cra-a-azy baby
(Crazy baby)
Oh me, oh my.......
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