Try A Little Tenderness Testo

Testo Try A Little Tenderness

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
I may (be) again weary, Women do get weary, Wearin’ the same shabby dress But the one who’s weary, try a little, try a little tenderness, ohhh….. I may be waiting, gee, often anticipating all of the things I may never possess - hm - but while I’m waiting, try a little, try a little tenderness. I – may be I may be sin a major but I wanna say that I had my grieves and I had my care And just a good word – soft and gentle – makes it – makes it easier – easier to bear. Now I might forget it, Oh, my darlin’, let me forget it, now come on home, home happiness hmm, it’s so – so easy, try a little, oh , try a little tenderness, tender- tender- tenderness

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