Jaws Of The Furnace Testo

Testo Jaws Of The Furnace

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Attempts of intimidation
Insults digested
If killing cannot surmise
Let him be tormented

Gods of war gaze on as he dies
Spawning flames while receiving his cries
Painfully accepting defeat
Self preservation retreats

Cremated alive at the stake
Pleas of mercy have been ignored
His pain will be legendary
Suffer in this perplexed world

Charred body manipulated
Features melt from the face
Exiting the mortal world
Enter the jaws of the furnace

Inhaling the souls
Caressing the black air
Morbid hallucinations
Followed by nightmares
Absorbs in his lungs
'Till death they are filled
Taken by the behemoth
So mighty and skilled

Enter the process of procreation
Cybergenesis: the ultimatum

Preserve the body for inspection
Mechanized for depopulation

Entering a field of rust and decay
Beneath the armor lie slain cadavers
Dreams of victory have withered away
Demons howling, possessed by their laughter

The carcass lies dormant impaled to the table
Beneficiaries of combat weld unto the bone
The creation completed concluding the fable
Post-mortal warrior to reign above
And kill for his own
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