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A Somber Warcry
Archaic Invincibility
Arsenal Of Glory
Bastard Son Of One Thousand Whores
Branding The Peon
Defile The Angelic
Dog And Broom
Fall Of The Melanic Breeds
Flogging the Cargo
Galloping Through The Battle Ruins
Heirs to Perdition
Hereditary Taint
Hornets Of The Pogrom
Hymns Of Conquest
In Coffles They Were Led
Incorrigible Bigotry
Jaws Of The Furnace
Manacled Freightage
Mob Of The Howling
Of Spears And Horns
Oracle Of The Malefic Rhizome
Quelling the Simian Surge
Rape Of A Slave
Swill Of The Knaves
Ten Lost Tribes
The Banners Of Castile
The Entity
The Grenadier
The Imperial Clans
The Negress
The Nexus of Chaos
The Nexxus Of Chaos
The Nubian Archer
The Purging Fires of War
Transpolar Combat