Every Body Testo

Testo Every Body

Everybody wants somebody
A little more than they should
Everybody'd take that body
If Everybody could
Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody hides
Everybody'd write these words
If Everybody'd hide
Everybody needs somebody
To warm them up at night
I guess a blanket's not enough
When turning off the light
Everybody hurts and cries
Everybody dies
Every love cuts deep and cold
And breaks you down inside
Everybody else's grass is greener
Everybody else's wife is sweeter
Everybody wears their boots
Until the sole runs dull
And Everybody's ears are itching
From waiting for the toll
Everybody says they're sorry
And means it from the bone
Everybody never say it
Until they are alone
Everybody knows the score
Still want to see the game
Everybody clutch their lives
Like fifteen minute fame
Everybody says they're sorry
Still no one there replies
Everybody made mistakes but
Everybody made mistakes but
So did everybody else from time to time
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