Ubiquity Testo

Testo Ubiquity

(feat. Divine Styler, Evidence, Key Kool, LMNO)

[Key Kool]
Breakin' it down to the double Helix
Genetically mutated amino acid trips
Now you're in the groove like stylists
Cause I'm fuckin' up the program like computer viruses
Rhyme piloted
By the lyrical trinity
With the Key Evidence to support abilities
Some will see
Falsely but never hear
So I back my fact with more proof to make it Everclear
For you to view right through the bull when you hear it you know
It's spirtual
Rhyme defiance with appliance to science
To kill compliance and the agency
That wanna take my word of fight and make me numb
Like tryin' to mack at a convent they won't get nun (none)
One and all, all in one coexistence

[LMNO Hook]
Existence everywhere at the same time
Physically separated synchronized minds
Street, studio, stages on line
All is possible with
"All seein' retina" -Divine Styler

I'm never far behind
I'm never rushed ahead
I got the metronome clique inside my head
Scoped it out peeped out most of my town
Most songs got wack mixes they call the underground
Gotta express the feelings
I ain't havin' it
Like Pos K jib in the light thinkin' of stabbin' it
Skills prevail oh you possessed it? No offense
But profess live with your mind tempted stress
? leading to other illness
My crew Groups at my Home creatin' tracks but the Realness
Is combinations like this
Divine Styler, Key Kool and the one Evidence
Influences are, that question they never miss
For innovative lyrics check Kris cadence Parrish Smith
Are you feelin' me?
Raise your hands if you can get with three
Cats bringin' back Royairs type Ubiquity


[Divine Styler]
Brothers everywhere exist ubiquity feelin' me
Earth Wind & Fire what I desire
Bring forth manifest dues create schools and rhyme tools
My eye force so rules superiourotic ledges move
Space and air
I appear to be clear
But reflect when the heat hits your shadows of fear (stratosphere)
Your into pieces my mic a fiendin' your thesis
You're just a part of me so pardon me ubiquity
Is flippin' me
I'm teachin' me beyond the furthest reaches
Soul control memoirs of wars and battles scars from lords
The reward when I battle stars and self excel war for control
I ubiquitous and solidify the rhyme into a world that one mind
Either one non material a time for the two
With the harmonious rules
Ubiquity is we and I creatin' rhyme history
Through the powerful and wise

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