Briarwood Testo

Testo Briarwood

You're on your own
You're finding out who you are
You're running towards nothing
If nothing meant something
You'd still be here in my arms

In 3/4 time
You're crying yourself to sleep
The tears on your pillow
are drowning, you're suffering
in past times and memories

-Your eyes are cashed and hazy-
your life's already done
-I'm sick in tired of writing this song-
It's always about you
It's always about you
-You're not breathing fast asleep-
and without me you're falling apart

And I can tell
You're having second thoughts
You're thinking of calling me
Ending this misery
and ending this bloody mess

My heart drops
It shatters like twice before
Casting a silhouette
Made by the marks you left
Tell me what happens now

It's a beautiful night for a showdown.
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