My Diary In 4/4 Time Testo

Testo My Diary In 4/4 Time

Wasting your days away
Sleepless brown eyes
Dark and lifeless, blood shot
Everything seems gray

We haven't spoke since June
Summer set us far apart
And fall won't bring me back to you

How does screaming sound?
When isolation's all you have
Except for the mirror that's crashing down

You've censored your own thoughts
Protect yourself from what is right
So you can do
What you know is wrong

Take one bite and SPIT YOU RIGHT BACK OUT!

Tear your eyes away
From this mess
That you've created
Ignore your faults
Take your anger out on me
I'll take your hits in stride
Won't slow me down one bit

Taking all of the back roads
So you can't be seen
You're hiding your face
From people who know what you did

You've fallen victim of
His abuse that you've been binging
(You've been) You've been binging on

In time for your funeral
You packed your bags and walked away
Finding what you
What you lost in me

You're quietly in despair
Desperately quiet awaiting life
But you're already dead

Take one bite and SPIT YOU RIGHT BACK OUT!


In ordinary ways
I find other ways
To ease the pain.

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