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18 For The Rest Of My Life
A Beautiful Night For A Showdown
A Lesson In Charades
A Second Chance To Make A First Impression
A Tack On The Map
Chutes & Ladders
Devil Hold My Hand
Drink Life To The Lees
Finding Love In A Bottle Of...
Food For Thought
Heartache On Tv
Hold Fast Stay True
Hold Fast, Stay True
Hold On (god Damn)
Hoods & Capers
I To Eye
I'd Swear You Were Steam
I'll Get You My Pretty (And Your Little Dog Too)
I'm Back On My Feet Again
Just Another Letdown
Just Enough To Make It Just
Midnight Fix
My Diary In 4/4 Time
Northbound & Down
O Captain! My Captain!
On My Knees
Paper, Scissor, Stone
Pawns In Chess
Pet Names And Fake Fights
Pop Fiction
Reach Out And Speak Out
See You In Virginia
Shake It Off
Slip Into Something More Comfortable
Take Me Away
The Detectives Haven't Ruled Out Arson
The Taste, The Touch
We Wasted Everything
You Could Be My Mona Lisa
You're So Scene
Your 8x10 Falls Victim To My Pen