Let Me Come And Let Me Go Testo

Testo Let Me Come And Let Me Go

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
If want me to knock you upShow what I'm aboutThen hear what I am sayingI know that you've been here beforeyou say that you know the scorebut thats not how I'm thinkingBridge:Freedom is what I'm for my ???And love is the sunYou won't see me begging on my kneesBut your still the oneChorus:Let me come and let me goCause I want you to knowThat I will never leave youIf you never let me downI'll always be aroundLet me come and let me goTake me further inside the doorMak eme give you moreGot to learn to play meAnd you can cover up my eyesAnd God I'm not suprisedThats not the way to tame me(Bridge)(Chorus x2)You won't see me begging on my knees(Chorus x2)

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