Every Little Thing Testo

Testo Every Little Thing

Whenever you go away from me Go out with your friends I see there is something in your eyes And it looks just like a lie Didn`t I gave you what you want Didn`t gave it all to you Why is everything you do a little bit untrue BRIDGE : And everytime - you ain`t wrong ? I go away from you just a little more CHORUS : Every little thing I take from you Every little thing you say or do Add some of the stone to the wall I`m building It`s there you know it`s true Every little thing I feel inside I don`t wanna talk about my own pride Add some of the stone to the wall I`m building And you should know it`s true You can do just what you like As long as you know deep inside that I`m the only one for you Don`t you act just like you do Didn`t I make you feel so good Didn`t I treat you like I should So why is everything I know that the way you act`s not true BRIDGE : CHORUS 3x :

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