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Testo Tomorrow & Tonight

I saw you with a girlfriend baby, I saw you underneath the light I wanted just to talk now baby, you seen to think I wanna fight Stop playing with my head and maybe I?ll get a chance to make this right I need a little sunshine baby, I need a little hope in life Bridge: Baby don?t you hear me when I say goodbye Baby won?t you listen cos you make me cry Please baby, please baby let me go, I don?t deserve to suffer so So I?m trying to believe you this time I?m trying but it don?t seem fair One minute it?s the right stuff honey Next second?s like I?m just not there Brigde Chorus: Because tonight I know you?re gonna beg to stay But tomorrow you will simply walk away And tonight I know exactly what you?ll do But come tomorrow I will still be just your fool I saw you as a future baby, you see me as a one night stand But I?m sick of being part time baby, you gotta be a full time man Bridge Chorus Baby when you will see that you?re gonna be mine I?m waiting for you honey You will always come back it?s just a matter of time You know you?ll never me Baby I don?t wanna be a fool Can?t you see boy, I?m in love with you Tell me what?s a girl suppose to do, when I only want your love Bridge Chorus (2x)

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