Times Tollbooth Testo

Testo Times Tollbooth

I was waiting for you to enter the room in this dingy motel out in Syracuse
Another year spent on the road and time collects the tolls
You know that I pay with each of my days

Your smile was lit bright by the years of my life but I wasted my breath with this tired lament:
“Too many candles on this cake and I’m sick of getting spanked
So just let me be the old man by the sea”

But you said, “Oh no, you’re not that old”
You said, “Oh no
You’ve just finally realized someday you’re gonna die
But you’ll be okay, you’ll be alright”

My friends sit at the bar and they gaze from afar
At the teenagers dancing and laughing so hard
They say, “Now do you remember when? I think we were once like them”
They nod and agree and then order a drink

But I say, “ Oh no you’re not that old
I say, “Oh no
You still know how to dance
You just won’t take a chance
So take one with me or we’ll drown in whiskey”

My right knee’s goin’ my hearing’s blown
I’ve got scars on my teeth and chips off my throat
But they’re all just signs that it’s been a good life
It’s been a good life, yeah it’s been a good life

We sing oh no
We sing oh whoa
We sing oh no
We sing oh whoa

We sing oh no
We’re not that old
We sing oh no
We’ve just finally realized
Someday we’re gonna die
But we’ll be okay, we’ll be alright
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