Nasty Mouth Testo

Testo Nasty Mouth

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
So much ass in this building. suck little time to decide what right.
Someone help me out. I want a fat ass to sit in my lap right now. damn.
I like my girls like I like my coffee. yeah! cream and sugar and a big round ass.
Hell yeah. lets hit the dance floor. gotta check out these circumstances.
And its looking for for me I cant complain. oh yeah.
Everybody's getting laid tonight. take it easy. play it smooth.
And just don't fight. always searching for that missing void. so for all of my life.
I've been a simple kinda guy. just tryna make it through life and not overlook another dime.
I will swallow my pride and promise to only tell the truth.
But every man can get down on a fat ass yeah the people have spoken and the word got out.
Were partying downtown. call up a cab and get your ass here stat.
The liquor is flowing hard. always searching for that missing void.
All the ladies in the building. yeah
You know we win big. damn
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