No Mercy Testo

Testo No Mercy

(Aaron Nordquist) NO MERCY, not this time You're never again gonna have this love of mine You had it once and you had it twice Back then our hands together felt so nice These are more than simple words I say I mean it more with each passing day NO MERCY, not this time I'm never again going to cross over that line The first time we were together was oh so fun Then you saw another guy and decide to run I let you back after you looked sorry Then I saw you making out with a guy named Harry The guy everyone said you wanted to marry NO MERCY, not this time After what you put me through did you think that I'd be fine Yes you're beautiful as could be. Any man can see. But I know you're also just full Of something called Bull NO MERCY, not this time NO MERCY, you'll never again be mine NO MERCY, You think that youre so fine NO MERCY, you think youre the reason the sun shines NO MERCY, but all you are is a swine NO MERCY NO MERCY NO MERCY

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