Scars Of Sorrow Testo

Testo Scars Of Sorrow

A twist of mind
Descending clouds, of self-deceit
A troubled dark
A memory glance on which we feed


Trapped in pain
A mind insane
Raging like a psycho
Unable to block
The dreams we share
Take off this lamenting crown of thorns

Struggling to rise above
Trying to calm this storm inside
Unravel the past and cut the cords

Trapped forever in entangled hysteria
We yearn to free our solitude minds
Trapped forever in entangled dystopia
We yearn to free our solitude thoughts

On life's path we make our way
Scars of sorrow to our minds every day
Uphill climb our battered souls
To reach the open skies above

Forever - unbound from lifetimes unbearable sting of love
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