A Thousand Years Of War Testo

Testo A Thousand Years Of War

Throughout the generations flags of peace and treaties sworn A decade passes by it's just the calm before the storm An age-old situation that it seems may never end Round and round we go and round and round we go again What we see hides out in the grotto What we do comes back around to follow All these things, when will we see? It's pouring out of the lands In a thousand years of war A thousand lives are torn A thousand bullets hit the ground A thousand mothers mourn The glass if half empty and the barrels half full The aristocracy paid by the death toll And both sides still rockin' their beliefs The crooked politicians and the fucked up police From this worldly hell I need a release I can't believe they all died for a little grease Throughout the generations flags of peace and treaties sworn But history has proven that it's just the calm before the storm Something's gone on for way too long and that's one thing for sure A constant game of tug o' war I'm asking what's it all for? A thousand years of war Can you tell me who wins a war? And what's the outcome in the end? It's not a fairytale ending paved with happiness and joy We've got another thing coming What's it for? Tells the fate of our tomorrow What's the score? Another round is sure to follow As for the innocent standing out in the streets Take cover, it's another dead end Lines in sand, lies and demands You think you see it coming Got another thing comin' Take cover it's another dead end (Round and around and around we go) Pandemonium, confusion, hysteria, when's it going to end? Stop all the fighting and stop all the war Stop all the fighting it's kind of hard to ignore Stop all the fighting can't you see its dead end? Can you see its dead end?

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