Get It Right Testo

Testo Get It Right

Stuck in the prosthetic new wave
Did I strike a single nerve?
Is your heart still beating?
Choke another second
Watch your mouth
They're watching waiting for you
But you can't talk about it
Step back a second to fixate
Upon a twisted observation
That brought you to your knees
Another fallacy another waking moment of truth...

You're not quite dead
No not quite yet,
This is your time
Just how far will you take it

As we carry along
Daft and choking on words
Poking head in harms way
Maybe some day I'll learn
As we carry along
These broken records and promises
That get in the way
Have me hoping someday
I'll get it right

Distracting lies that cry restraint
Hang tight another sec
Is your heart still beating?
Focused on retraction
Idle hands are washed up waiting for you
No second thought about it
Remembering all that you taught me
Provoked a numbing realization
That brought me to my feet
The only one who'll make you sorry
Is the one that's stuck in your shoes
And it's you

No you're not quite dead
No not quite yet
This is our time
Just how far will you take it
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