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Testo I Notice

As far as i know, you could already be,somebody elses honey,but i can't....stop looking at you...supposed to be up here singing about love,when your gaze distracts my every strum don't know your name or where you come from just notice i notice.. i...i look in your eyes..and ohhh from that look in your eyes..i realize all that matters.....hey boy yeah i'm talking to you..your messy black hair and your deep baby blues..i think i'd like the way you smell and the taste of a morning with you..i could be makin this up..because all i ever wanted was that kind of no yeahh...still looking at me..fucking beautifully..and i....i look in your eyes..and awww from that look in your eyes..i realize all that matters...heyyyyyyyy......hey..ayyy....hey.i can't say goodbye i'm letting you go this time..cause that look in your eye ohh that look in your eye..never make me cryy...look in your eyes...and ohh..from the look in your eye..i realize...all that matters now...i.i.look in your eye..and ohh..from that look in your eyes i realize...all that matters....heyy.....heyyy

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