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Testo Pillows

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You know what I miss here the most?
Is hanging around coast to coast.
If what they say is true,
Then the best we can do is go.

Cause some days you wanted to die.
But, the rest was too good to deny.
So we lay down to sleep,
With the secrets we keep alive.

So, it's goodbye to all the best.
Put your head on my pillow and give it a rest.
Cause you can't run in circles at everyone else's request.

You came to me tired and cold.
Worn down and broke from the road.
But, before this was through,
It was all up to you, you know?

So it's goodbye to all the ones we loved.
There's a place on my pillow should you need to rest.
And a sense of adventure.
So don't get upset if you came disappointed.
I know that you walked out impressed.

Oh my God.
There's a million things I will say to you, my friends.
When I can, but til then.

It's goodbye to the ones we left.
There's a place on my pillow should you need to rest.
And a sense of belonging and that never ends.
But, I'll always be hoping that one day I'll see you again.
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