Full House Testo

Testo Full House

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
It's all in the shuffle,
the deck is stacked against you.
"Place your bets, it's your last chance!"
Then you fold your hand before you play the game.
You never want to sacrifice,
because to you it's all unfair.
So wear that poker face and try to shrug it off.

If seeing is believing then you might as well beblind,
because the searching leaves you faithless and the
outcome undefined.
But still you wait for something, for someone, to let
You're losing again.

There is never a question it all goes unnoticed,
there is nothing to risk or to gain.
You're so used to being used to everything.

Still, you never want to sacrifice,
because to you it's all unfair.
The more that you hold on the more it slips away.

Again and again, you try to make some sense
But it all turns out the same.
What has changed?
Then you find that you're just the same
as anybody.
So tell me now, who is left to blame?

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