At 3am Testo

Testo At 3am

The phone keeps ringing, but I can't answer your call
The echoes and beeps keep bounding off all of the walls
I'm afraid of the future, and I know that's a bore
It's true, the only comfort's that I do not kiss boys anymore

No, I just write songs at 3am
And pray I come to terms with the person I am
Looks like you see right through me
Instead of into me
And that's what you don't understand

Oh, you just know the person you met two months ago
Don't you see I go deeper than what you are taking me for?
Do you know all my history, do you know where I've been?
Doesn't matter, said, \"still wouldn't consent to you if I did.\"

I'm not making it up, I'm not telling you lies
And I don't want to end this way, but I've tried and I've tried
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