Graduated Testo

Testo Graduated

Fake analyzing
Tell me would have like it
Had to stop and stare
Saw that derrière with curves of a goddess
That walk was dangerous it was moving to a melody
Her hair was done like a queen from a movie scene
From behind feel like I was in a dream
She's sophisticated and not your ordinary lady
I walked over and I tapped her on the shoulder
And she smiled and said don't I know you?
I looked closer and skipper tru my memory trying to figure out just who could she be

Now I'm thinking back to the girl with the glasses
sitting in from of the classes buried in the books not worried about fashion
It's hard to imagine that that girl would be so attractive
Shorty when you've been graduated
Back in school I didn't even notice
Now it's all eyes on you
Trying to be discreet my apology
That body is killing me
It ain't look the same to me
.. a game on me
I really like what I see
Shorty when you graduated

You're the attention from the men..
When you coming through you know how to.. down
Sexy with confidence and no one had to..
Cause you are also fabulous with your feminity
Ain't no question that this girl is so impressive
I believe that there was no.. that we met
Time to change for me
She was lonely so I gave her my number
She whispered in my ear: I wanna move faster
Some.. make some new memories


I wanna know

I could have walked you home
We would have spent all nights on the phone
Now we are..
Let's get it on
I'll make you lose control
With the things that I know


Girl you don't look the same to me
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