Nothing In This World Testo

Testo Nothing In This World

ooh, yeah, oooh, yeah,yeahI can picture us in the living roomby the mantle pieceand you're tellin me you're lovin mewith youe hands on my thighswhile I'm starin in your brown eyesand thee expression on your faceis tellin me you want more then a tasteso tonight we're going all the waywe'll be lovin til the break of day(Chorus)There's nothin in this world I wouldn't do for you boyI don't care what the others say now that I you babeNo one can bring you joy like you girlAll the little things you doIt's all about you booI can picture us runnin in the rainafter a movie the spark a flameoh, how I love it when you sream my namegoin 60 in a 3rd lanewe pull over to the parkin lotin the park that's my favorite spotdoing just about anthingwe'll be goin til the birds sing(chorus)I think it's bout time that I make you mineoh, what your sayin to me boy break it downto find another like you will be a lifetimeI think I see where you going baby let it out, let it outlisten to me baby I got somethin to sayis it really what I think don't take all dayforever is what I want to give to youso what do you saybaby I do(chorus)2x

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