Demons Testo

Testo Demons

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I've been thinking lots about my life and
How quick I'd wash it down the drain
Past tense the future, nothing matters now
I act on my own and I'm to blame

Living is a wicked dream,
when things turned out all wrong
We're all so weak, no matter how strong, yeah

I tried running away from me
Convince me that I've grown,
but I can't change so unnaturally,
Demons they follow me
I quit running away from me
Convinced that I have grown, but found out
All my reasons for insanity, all a part of me

I don't like that you're calling me a liar
I don't like that you found out I'm a snake
Been sneaking around for far too long now
I don't like how fast my intentions fade
Karma has beat me down, but the worst is yet to come
Many mistakes and still I'm so young, yeah


I can't
Count how many times
Awakened in fear, nightly
I'm sweating
Where promises are made
To no one but myself
Help him
Crushed daily

Don't lend me your hand
I can't trust my self
So how can you trust me

We've all made selfish, bad decisions
We've all tried dishing out the blame
Convinced ourselves of our own actions
My problem is I'll never change

In doubt, some good comes out
I'll fold before it's time
Can't promise you that it's my last time, yeah


Truth won't help you now
All love's gone too far (x2)

I'm scarred, yeah
Demons they follow me, cause my insanity (x4)

Demons they follow me, cause my insanity (x2)
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