Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden Cover) Testo

Testo Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden Cover)

As a young boy chasing dragons with your wooden sword so mighty,
Youre st. george or youre david and you always killed the beast.
Times change very quickly,
And you had to grow up early,
A house in smoking ruins and the bodies at your feet.

Youll die as you lived
In a flash of the blade,
In a corner forgotten by no one.
You llived for the touch
For the feel of the steel
One man, and his honour.

The smell of resined leather
The steely iron mask
As you cut and thrust and parried at the fencing masters call.
He taught you all he knew
To fear no mortal man
And now youll wreak your vengeance in the
Screams of evil men.

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