Hey Mickey Testo

Testo Hey Mickey

Chant Oh Mickey You're so fine, Youre so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey (Hepp Hepp) Hey Mickey (Hepp Hepp) Oh Mickey Youre so Fine, Youre so Fine You Blow My Mind Hey Mickey (Hepp Hepp) Hey Mickey (Repeat) Verse 1 Hey Mickey Youve been around all night and thats a little long, You think you've got the right, But I think you've got it wrong. Why can't you say goodnight So you can take me home Mickey, Cause when You say you will It always means you won't Youre givin me the chills baby, please baby don't Every night you still leave me all alone Mickey. Chorus Oh Mickey what a pity you dont understand You take me by the heart You take me by the hand Oh Mickey Youre so pretty Cant you understand? Its guys like you Mickey Oh what you do Mickey Do Mickey Dont break my heart Mickey. Verse 2 Now When you take me by the hooves Everyone's gonna know Everytime you move I let a little More show There's Something we can use So dont say no Mickey! So Come on and give it to me Anyway you can Anyway you want to do it Ill treat you like a man Oh Please, Baby Please Dont leave me in a dam Mickey! Chorus Chant Chorus (x 3)

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