Intro Testo

Testo Intro

(feat. Gail Brownlee, Nicole Ladner)

[female singer:]
Oooooooh, oooh-ahhhhh

[unknown synthesized voices:]
If you wanna ride out with some beats that knock
With that hog in your trunk beatin down the block
Get some brand new shit from Legit, that came yo' way
Yo' way ("here we go")
Wit yo' slappin up loud, we gon' get tacked out
And if you wanna get down, we handle beef by the pound
And if not, then nigga just kick back and parlay
Parlay ("here we go")

B-Legit, Hemp Museum
Know about it bitch!

[repeat both to fade]
[female singer croons]
("here we go")
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