Take It Away Testo

Testo Take It Away

Do you think of me? When I´m far away Do you dream at night? About us When I close my eyes I wonder if our story ends Will it be? You and me Pre Chorus How am I supposed to live my life all by myself Baby how am I supposed to live without you? Chorus I´ll give you strength Gimme me your pain Give you everything I´ve got Take it awy from me Give up the fame Give up my name Just to spend one night with you Take it away from me Now I wonder if If we´ll be ever be together Will we have the bond? That we had before? It´s so scary how One day you can love somebody Then winter turns to spring And you don´t know them at all Pre Chorus Chorus Bridge I don´t know where you´re gonna be All I know is you´re gone I´ll give everything I have to be with you I know what you´re gonna say Girl you´re gonna tell me that you told me so Girl I need you right here next to me Chorus

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