Girl Testo

Testo Girl

Yea, uh B5

Do you really wanna be my girl?

[Verse 1: Carnell]
When I see you around me
I fill up with butterflies
I love the way you look girl
And all the beauty in your eyes
I can't concentrate on my school work but I wanna make straight A's with you
When you come around girl
You make my cloudy skies turn blue (oh)

Oh, it's plain to see
You are the one for me
Can you be my, be my girl
(You really wanna be my girl)
Well never party
Shawty every day in my heart
From the start I wanted you to be my girl

[Verse 2: Carnell]
I wrote you a letter
About 2 days ago
I need to know would you be my girl
Would you circle yes or no
Na, na, na
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