Fake Little Angel Testo

Testo Fake Little Angel

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Ur a fake little angel i learned that much is true
whenever u try to solve something to make things
go better and the world has to be at ur heels
i want you to know, i fall for it every single time
ur a fake little angel everyone knows about you
u could care less just to please yourself and me
but what about them? yea what about the others
they might not like it at all, cut ur wings and fall

climb down the sky
turn right toward me and say
that ull love me anyway
we're still so high
no matter what you say or do
ill still fall all over you

ur a fake little angel and i love you more and more
i dont give a damn what you'll take me for
take me as your slave or take me as a mistress
im doing you a favore so let me in this time...


i cant believe i fell in love
u said it wouldnt hurt
it made a bump in my heart
now all i could do is burn...

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