Forgiven Blessed One Testo

Testo Forgiven Blessed One

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Bless you the forgiven, for you have tried with all ur might
to get me thru into the darkness of the night
and i scream as an action of unwanted but
you insisted and could care less what i want
but in the end youll see
there cant ever be
a forgiven blessed one
coz u keep on sinning

unto the night ride the ghost train
carry me anywhere, oh blessed one

sing ur sorrows to me from the graveyard
once again ur rolling around in the dark
but i can see you and u got that devil's face
with devil's hands push up my shirt and forever stay
and in the end youll see
there cant ever be
sorrows sung by you
coz u keep talking thru

blessed be thy feet and ground you walk on
blessed be thy sun for it shines upon thou
blessed be thy rain that washes thy pain away
unblessed be thy lover who fell coz she had sinned
and pierced the skin
we once fell so low
ur hand held mine
and refused to let go...
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