Feeling Me Testo

Testo Feeling Me

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
(Chorus: Russell Lee)
she's in love with a hustla
she dont be messin with them suckas
lookin so good, little tight jeans on and G-strings on
and i know that she be feelin me

(Baby Beesh)
she in love with a hustla, someone she could trust her
someone she can get down with cus she dont mees with suckas
sleep all day, and grind all night
living in the fast lane, the game's nothin polite
so im laced up tight, cause i aint into laggin'
she love to watch me in the mirror when im doing my stabbin'
And she aint into punks, giving em' bruises and bumps
and she know i blow big, so she be twisting my blunts
thats real talk, comin from a real hog on the block
she love the playboy lifestyle, the knots and the rocks
and even tho sometime, it might seem strange
she wouldn't trade it in, with none of the thangs


(Baby Beesh)
Well now she might of cought my ass like once or twice
but she'd rather stick me, instead of rollin the dice
cause she know im official, so why take a chance
and end up with a over jealous sucka romance
love to see me get the lapdance every now and then huh
never fuck around with her stripper girlfriends huh
now thats living like, who's the boss
yeah she liking the money, but she lovin my sauce
even tho she approached by them big time ballas
she aint having that cause aint another like papa
And her parents just dont understand
What kind of man she in love with, but she dont give a damm

one day we gon get it together -8x

(chorus 2x)
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