Eastside Vs. Westside Testo

Testo Eastside Vs. Westside

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(Talkin) Baby D off in dis bia bia Eastside nigga Lil C off in dis bia bia bia Westside nigga Eastside Hoe! Westside Nigga! Eastside Hoe (Naw nigga westside biatch!) - (7x) Eastside Hoe (4x) Naw Nigga, westside biatch (4x) (Baby D) Just call me motherfuckin Baby D from the D-E-C Candler road, Gresham road, Mark Trail, McAfee Bouldercrest, eastside fuck the rest fuck nigga don't wanna test dat eastside playa nigga strait from decatur nigga (EASTSIDE HOE!!!!!) BIG OOMP HOE dat candy pain't on my toy label me a Georgia boy grilled out, smoked out a SS on 19s Candler road, eastwick my nigga who got that green I got control a-t-l-a-n-t-a, eastside G-A where ya from nigga eastside nigga we ridin dirty 4 reel eastside nigga we trill if dey ain't den spill em fuck em dere dey go GET EM chorus: EASTSIDE HO! (4X) (naw nigga) WESTSIDE BIATCH (4X) (Lil C) So what y'all really know about the westside From Bankhead to Simpson Road that 559 we grilled out from the flo' up from Hollywood sho nuff I talk a lot shit cause eastside get swoll up (BIA BIA!!!!!) 1234 boi I'm still screamin westside see I'm bouncin wit my boys we too deep in dis shit Westside runnin dis bitch put the swang on that nigga if he make the wrong twitch We swervin SS Impalas eastside hoes don't holla see westside niggaz are cheap and ride hundred 4 deep so back up off me in this place make way westside cmoin through WESTSIDE BIATCH what the FUCK y'all gon do WESTSIDE BIATCH (4X) (naw nigga) EASTSIDE HOE (4X) (naw nigga) WESTSIDE BIATCH (4X) (naw nigga) EASTSIDE HOE (4X) JUMP (16X) EASTSIDE HOE (NAW NIGGA) WESTSIDE BIATCH (NAW NIGGA) (8X) JUMP! (17X)

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