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Testo Freestyle

See, I'm the type of bitch that make ya eyes light up/Roll with the thugs baby 'cause my rhymes is tough/They all love this baby girl 'cause I'm wise enough/But when it's time to throw down, nigga line it up/Baby D packs the heat/Ya tracks I beat/You incomplete niggas/Yall ain't half of me/See I laugh at ya niggas/Wipe my ass with ya niggas/Whatever goes down you the last of your niggas/Yall them fucking choke niggas/Them deep throat niggas/Yall them uneven bitches that rock the boat niggas/I'm that real type bitch/That ill type bitch/The kind that cock back on 9's 'cause it feel right bitch/Kind that make hatas scream that's that ill type bitch/And I'm sending yall away with a little more than a stitch/Making yall disappear like the fucking Blair Witch/The money I share with/The niggas I fuck with/Cut all you bitches off that usually smut quick/Not hating on you bitches that usually suck dick/But you can't roll with me/Go head you dumb bitch/I fuck with real niggas, that got love for me/Even go and kill a nigga shed blood for me/The type of nigga that'll eveb split a dub with me/I'm making pretty niggas even turn thug for me/And take a slug for me/And teach me how to bust shotties on them silly mommies/Catch niggas sleeping on a port-a-potty/And when them motha fuckas try to find me/I be that thug bitch on cruise ships that bussing on niggas with 2 chips/You blew shit/Just when you went and opened ya mouth/You ain't think I was that crazy make you hollah and shout/Yeah I be like Q-Tip, make you breath and stop/I'm coming at you raw baby if you ready or not/Yo I steady the glock so I can get a good shot/Red dot on ya head from the highest rooftop/'Cause you know how I do/You hate it than fuck you/I ain't gotta fight you kid my niggas'll crush you/Ya niggas'll rush you/To the nearest hospital/While I lay and laugh with my niggas eating Skittles/'Cause you funny boo/You trynna make that money boo/But you can't 'cause I'm here/So you just a dummy boo/And all you hating motha fuckas, hold ya breath and turn blue/'Cause I ain't never gon' stop/Uh uh, I'm never through/I'm never too tired/To face niggas who straight liars/But I will show u love if you stop then retire/'Cause yo, yall niggas compared to my niggas is like one nigga compared to five niggas/While you holding five figures/We bust out with 10/We body ya men/My little ass is bypassing Jigga

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