Get Crunk Testo

Testo Get Crunk

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Lil C)

C'mon- Get crunk, get crunk
You aint crunk yet [x11]
So get crunk! Now get crunk, get crunk my nigga get crunk [repeat]

[Baby D]
I bet you thought we wasn't comin' but yes, I'm back
with some dubs on a chevy painted midnight black
Crankin this thang bringin that pain
That eastside bitch
Got em off tha chain bouncin, throwin bows -n- shit
Call me Eastside shawty, lil chopper toy if ya naughty
Get them fuck ass niggaz off me
Because they like ????
Still down with Decatur, Motrail and Macafee
? Caliroll, Glenwood we too deep
Like Troy we been ready ??? On them thangs
Throwin Eastside on the brain on them puss ass lames
See that E-A-S-T-S-I-D-E, we be droppin them niggaz
Westside we choppin them niggaz
In the club, eastside be the crunkest throw yo mothafuckin "E"s up
If they aint jumpin with you then crank they ass up
So I told them bitches bout fuckin with us
Cuz them Eastside niggaz don't give a fuck

So get crunk, get crunk, now get crunk my nigga get crunk [x5]

[Lil C]
We them niggas that run through houses that hit you for some ??
Got connections pushin keys
Shit way for oversea (?)
Westside niggaz poppin slugs
We dem niggaz ride dubs
We dem niggaz keep it crunk
Bustin eads off in tha clubs
See my niggaz carry choppas
Lookin ?? we gon' drop em
We gon cock it, lock it, pop it, lookin back tryin to stop it
??? Benthill, check out that we been real, bankhood crunk
to highway roll, we carry hoe niggaz kill
Huh so what you really know bout my side
We act a fool in every club waitin for a nigga to shine
Rolled up, jumpin out dem benzo's, 20 inchlarenzo's(?)
Who it be, Lil C..Hoe im from the westside that best side
you know they all know me
From Zone 1 to Zone 3
Eastside they can't hold me
Get Crunk

C'mon- Get crunk, get crunk
You aint crunk yet [x11]
So get crunk! Now get crunk, get crunk my nigga get crunk [repeat]
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