Ridin' In A Chevy Testo

Testo Ridin' In A Chevy

*crowd screaming* ohhhh-ohhhh Baby D: Dip in a plane Naw looking smooth in a chopper boy In a Chevy baby I'm gettin richa boy Let me rub ya lady What have you been doing? Have you been freakin lately? No stuntin or frontin Because you I want it So back it up Cuz you know i'm on it You drive me crazy Not lettin lately Big bout it Benzes Ballin wit my friends We pulled up to da club Wit a Chevy on dubs Come give me a hug baby Ya see me on some dubs Swervin crazy I know you wanna cut me up baby But first of all we gotta hit da club baby (Chorus) Ya see me ridin in a Chevy baby Ya see me on some dubs Swervin crazy I know you wanna cut me up Baby But first of all We gotta hit da club Baby Sammy Sam: I see in yo eyes you wants to lay me But baby you gots to pay me You see cleanin doolie But later we can get crazy We can hit da club or somethin Get drunk or somethin End up at the tail Where we cuttin or somethin Ain't no cares Bout this playa They want the fame or somethin Association wit a youngsta that love havin fun Aye it's Mr.Freddy Major Fred from G.A slum Enjoy swervin And spittin all that game to those that wanna hear em Hit the club and watch me in that thang Straight from the real (Chorus) Lil C: I'm ridin in a Chevy been da hit Atlanta live I'm doin da bills Speedin down 2-85 Swervin bouncin on some dubs Watching out for deez hattas We got on Iceberg Carty A's And some gators Navigator,Yukon Suburban,Tahoes Tight clothes We swervin In a Chevy baby Flip flop changing colors For da club Know that Next weekend Wegone be back Doin it again And again In a big bout it Benz (Chorus 3x) Ohhh-ohhhh(fading out)

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