Wonderful Tonight Testo

Testo Wonderful Tonight

It's late in the eveningShe's wonderin' what clothes to wearShe puts on her make-upAnd brushes her long blond hairAnd then she asks me, says: "Do I look all right?"And I say yes girl, you look wonderful tonightNooooWe go to a partyAnd everyone turns to see, yeahThis beautiful lady (lady)Walkin around with meAnd then she asks me, she says: "Do you feel all right?"And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonightOooh yeahI feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyesAnd the wonder of it all is that you just don't realizeHow much I love youI love youI love youIt's time to go home nowAnd I've got an achin' head, yeahSo I give her the car keys (car keys)And she helps me to bedAnd then I tell herAs I turn out the lightI say my darlin', you are wonderful tonightOh, my darlin, you are wonderful tonight

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