Babylon Astronaut Testo

Testo Babylon Astronaut

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Two feet have I / Pillars of putrid meat / Standing so tall among my / Icons of
filth / With gargoyle eyes / I see / The Christ he's smiling at me / His
phosphorous grin / An absolution for all my sins

And in this room / The walls covered with flies / I'm seen through their /
Myriad eyes / The alien eyes / I'm seen somewhere else / Seen through the
windows of Hell

A few million / Light years from home / I am searching for a different kind of /
Insanity / The Babylon astronaut

Could you leave it all behind?

(There is no evil)

I see the stars painted on the window's glass / Seven planets supporting the
nothingness / And I am happy / Nothing more, nothing less

(There is no evil)

Something came to my room / As flies on the ceiling / Coming down on me /
One by one / And their hairy limbs / Crawling on my naked skin / The
motherfuckers screwing on me / Insect sex

No I won't move / As my ears are laden with eggs / Close my eyes / And
dream of being back in the womb

"Under the juniper trees Talking cats and silver boots filled with Blood"

Could you leave it all behind?

Under another sun / I'll grow saturnine / Lay siege to heaven / In fever
dreams / And I smash my head / Into the window's glass / And see the stars
come down at last
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