In Arcadia Ego Testo

Testo In Arcadia Ego

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
In Arcadia ego / Twisted the rose did grow / Sucked up the sap of this world /
Blood red the petals pearled / With some wisdom absurd

And outside these walls / The night took the rose / Bound it with moonlight /
And cut it up with the morning star

In Arcadia ego / A rose to drown in snow / A sepulchre by the sea / Marble to
slumber beneath / Lulled by a mountain stream

And outside these walls / The night knows us all / In dark woods wandering /
Detached of our soul

"Pour wine and dance if manhood still have pride / Bring roses if the rose be
yet in bloom / All wisdom shut into his onyx eyes / Our Father Rosicross sleeps
in his tomb"

In Arcadia ego / How fast the years did go / And how bitter is the wind /
Blowing from shores of Arcady

And outside these walls / The night knows us all / In dark woods the roses
grow / In hardship the soul

In Arcadia Ego
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